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PHP Moodle Developer
About me I'm PHP developer with 12 years of experience. I prepare Moodle / Totara custom development for 4 years. My first software I have built when I was 9 years old. Welcome to my site!

Częstochowa, Poland
+48 668 690 844

PHP Developer

All my life I'm a real fan of programming. In the middle of college I have start working professionally as PHP developer. It was 2005 and since then I have gathered a lot of experience. I have started from Basic and Simon's Basic on Commodore 64. When I was 13 I have got my first PC and my first steps was QBasic and Assembler. Then I switched to high-level language Borland Pascal. University was a time when I have learnt C++, PHP and other web-technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript.

PHP team leader

In 2007 I have established own company Internet Studio. It is small software house where me and 4 other great developer have built many commercial projects. Because of we are preferring backend development we was focused on management systems like ERP and CRM. We have a lot of luck because we have got the chance to create huge application for business supporting, medical branch, e-shopping, time tracking for companies across the Europe.

Moodle developer

Since 2014 we cooperate with great international company which is Official Platinum Partner of Moodle / Totara LMS systems. As a contractor we are working together providing amazing learning management systems to clients across the UK and worldwide. I'm lead moodle developer for 2 years. See the list of my Moodle useful parts of code.

How I work

In most cases I charge on hourly rate basis. If project is bigger and has well documented specification I prefer flat rate. For big projects where development is stretched on few months I can invoice once a month with fixed monthly price. So I'm flexible in therms of employment method. After every work is done I issue the invoice. I have the VAT UE number (PL 5732542140) so I can issue the invoices without VAT tax included.

PHP Moodle Developer