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About me I'm PHP developer with 13 years of experience. I've prepared Moodle/Totara custom development for last 5 years. I built my first software when I was 9 years old. Welcome to my site!

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Add new navigation position on the user profile page

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# moodle# navigation# profile

Put this code on the /mod/name/lib.php file. Of course it doesn't have to be a mod plugin.

function mod_name_myprofile_navigation(core_user\output\myprofile\tree $tree, $user, $iscurrentuser, $course) {
$postsurl = new moodle_url('/mod/name/manage.php');
$string = get_string('manage', 'name');
$node = new core_user\output\myprofile\node('miscellaneous', 'name_manage', $string, null, $postsurl);
return true;

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PHP Moodle Developer
I'm offering wide range of development for your Moodle / Totara LMS system. As a Moodle developer I can prepare for you fency dashboards, new blocks, new local plugins, report builder custom sources and other types of plugins. I can extend default Moodle / Totara functionality according to your ideas and needs. Because I have strong experience in general PHP field I can implement an application from scratch using any modern framework like Laravel or Phalcon -- Bartosz Hornik, PHP Moodle developer.