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PHP Moodle Developer
About me I'm PHP developer with 19 years of experience. I've prepared Moodle/Totara custom development for last 11 years. I built my first software when I was 9 years old. Welcome to my site!

Częstochowa, Poland
+48 668 690 844

How to hire a good PHP developer?

How difficult is to find a good developers mostly depends on the position we are recruiting for. ome industries require high skilled workers but some of them are not. For example, if we are looking for a PHP developer for supporting our old simple software we won't require wide educational qualifications. This fact extends our list of potential candidates. We should find a good worker on the local market quite easily. But if we are recruiting someone highly qualified in computer science it can be more difficult. In some cases we should use the services of recruitment agencies or even headhunters. Finding an experienced and skilled worker would require to advertise in national newspaper and in all popular websites with job offers. The process of recruitment a PHP developer should consists few steps like preliminary interview, writing tests assessing candidates intelligence and personality, contacting the referees and finishing interviews. These steps will shortlist to three to four candidates and choosing right person should be much easier.

Another factor which has influence on how difficult is to find a good developer is that if the work can be done remotely. If yes then it increases our chances. We can hire a person from around the world. But if the job requires employee presence on the company office we would have to organize the movement of the employee. Not all of candidates can afford it.

Not only our requirements are important. We have to think about our potential candidates needs too. If we put information about high salary on the job offer this will be a huge motivator for candidates to apply. Any others incentives like medical insurance, extra bonuses or even gym membership cards can also help. To sum up how difficult is to find a good PHP developer is closely connected with a number of potential candidates we can get.

PHP Moodle Developer
I'm offering wide range of development for your Moodle / Totara LMS system. As a Moodle developer I can prepare for you fency dashboards, new blocks, new local plugins, report builder custom sources and other types of plugins. I can extend default Moodle / Totara functionality according to your ideas and needs. Because I have strong experience in general PHP field I can implement an application from scratch using any modern framework like Laravel or Phalcon -- Bartosz Hornik, PHP Moodle developer.