PHP Developer / Moodle Developer

PHP Moodle Developer
About me I'm PHP developer with 19 years of experience. I've prepared Moodle/Totara custom development for last 11 years. I built my first software when I was 9 years old. Welcome to my site!

Częstochowa, Poland
+48 668 690 844

Moodle Developer / Totara Developer

Since June 2014 I've been working as team leader and lead PHP developer on Moodle / Totara Official Platinum Partner company. I'm involved in few projects for learning centers, airlines, financial centers etc.

My work consists mostly of:

  • Installation and configuration Moodle / Totara systems
  • Working with Moodle installations based on MySQL and Postgresql as well
  • Implementing custom bespoke dashboards
  • Preparing custom plugins like local plugins, blocks, reports etc.
  • Integrating Moodle / Totara with external systems like Auth0, Microsoft Azure, Liveperson, LinkedIn, Google API and others
  • Implementing SSO solutions (NTLM, SAML) connecting with Moodle / Totara
  • Preparing custom API solutions for external systems
  • Implementing custom enrollment methods
  • Working with Moodle / Totara themes
  • Installing Totara Social
  • Integrating Totara Social with Totara (SSO)
PHP Moodle Developer
I'm offering wide range of development for your Moodle / Totara LMS system. As a Moodle developer I can prepare for you fency dashboards, new blocks, new local plugins, report builder custom sources and other types of plugins. I can extend default Moodle / Totara functionality according to your ideas and needs. Because I have strong experience in general PHP field I can implement an application from scratch using any modern framework like Laravel or Phalcon -- Bartosz Hornik, PHP Moodle developer.