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PHP Moodle Developer
About me I'm PHP developer with 19 years of experience. I've prepared Moodle/Totara custom development for last 11 years. I built my first software when I was 9 years old. Welcome to my site!

Częstochowa, Poland
+48 668 690 844

A good boss of PHP developers team

The image of a good boss has been changed during last years. A typical boss from years ago was a person who was screaming on his employees, forcing them to work harder and harder. He wasn't a teammate but a demanding superior man who didn't really understand his workers. Now when we are more aware of variety of soft skills which are most important skills for a boss, relations between bosses and employees are becoming better and work is more pleasant now. This is a huge difference when as a employee you see your boss as a leader of the team, who always has time to listen to you and really tries to help you.

Team spirit is the most important attribute for a boss nowadays. The soft skills like being communicative, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills have to be practiced by bosses every day. A good boss should treat his PHP developers with respect and try to keep the team together. Team where everybody supports each other and together is heading to the common goal.

PHP Moodle Developer
I'm offering wide range of development for your Moodle / Totara LMS system. As a Moodle developer I can prepare for you fency dashboards, new blocks, new local plugins, report builder custom sources and other types of plugins. I can extend default Moodle / Totara functionality according to your ideas and needs. Because I have strong experience in general PHP field I can implement an application from scratch using any modern framework like Laravel or Phalcon -- Bartosz Hornik, PHP Moodle developer.