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PHP Moodle Developer
About me I'm PHP developer with 19 years of experience. I've prepared Moodle/Totara custom development for last 11 years. I built my first software when I was 9 years old. Welcome to my site!

Częstochowa, Poland
+48 668 690 844

Moodle developer - NTLM SSO

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I have worked on Moodle LMS configuration for croatian company to work with Active Directory and use the NTLM authentication protocol.

The SSO integration based on NTLM gives ability for users who log into Active Directory domain to be logged in the Moodle without providing username and password.

Moodle developer - NTLM SSO Technologies:
PHP, Moodle, SSO, NTLM

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PHP Moodle Developer
I'm offering wide range of development for your Moodle / Totara LMS system. As a Moodle developer I can prepare for you fency dashboards, new blocks, new local plugins, report builder custom sources and other types of plugins. I can extend default Moodle / Totara functionality according to your ideas and needs. Because I have strong experience in general PHP field I can implement an application from scratch using any modern framework like Laravel or Phalcon -- Bartosz Hornik, PHP Moodle developer.